In PVC Extrusion or PVC Moulding the Compounded
Material coming from cooler mixer and could contain
small lumps or chips which are not completely
mixed or they are result of poor quality of the raw
material . So it is necessary to sieve the material
coming from discharge of mixer before the material
is used by next process of extrusion. Sieving machines
separates out lumps , foreign material from
compound by using wire mesh.Particulates which
are not properly mixed are retained on wire mesh
and are discharged from the outlet provided above
the mesh. Powder which falls below the wire mesh
is discharged automatically and continuously from
the outlet provided below.

Usage Areas

• Rigid PVC
• Laminate
• Slim profile

Model typesDM-SM1DM-SM2
Sieving capacity apporx.1000 - 1500 kg/hr2000 - 2500 kg/hr
Area of sieve mesh1,35 m22,80 m2
Motor power4 kW5,5 kW
Range of Sieve poreselective from 25-40 micronselective from 25-40 micron



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